About Us

  1. Anne Banks

    Nutrition Program Assistant - Katie B. Hines

  1. Curtis Barnhill

    Transportation Driver

  1. Marlene Carney


  1. Brigid Cotton

    Administrative Support Technician

  1. Shantel Davis

    Activities Assistant

  1. Carolyne DeGrammont

    Social Worker

  1. Becky Doherty

    RSVP Program Coordinator

  1. Dylan Donnelly


  1. Christine Enderlin

    Licensed Clinical Therapist

  1. Emily Ford

    Community Engagement Specialist

  1. Lee Gisonde

    Nutrition Volunteer Program Coordinator

  1. Julia Griffin

    Social Worker

  1. Valorie Hatten

    Case Worker Information and Assistance

  1. Deirdre Holmes

    Transportation Program Assistant and Driver

  1. Megan Lanier

    Virtual Services and Marketing Coordinator

  1. Jeffrey Lee

    Social Worker

  1. Luisa Martin

    Licensed Clinical Therapist

  1. Debbie Miller

    Administrative Specialist

  1. Kelly Morgan

    Nutrition Program Manager

  1. Angie Olson

    Social Worker

  1. Tom Pacelli

    Transportation Coordinator

  1. Rebecca Pearce

    Operation and Recreation Program Manager

  1. Barbara Schauland

    Family Caregiver Resource Specialist

  1. Cully Shelton

    AmeriCorps Seniors Program Manager

  1. Amber Smith


  1. JP Terry

    Program Assistant, Nutrition

  1. Kathy Udelsman

    Nutrition Site Program Assistant, Castle Hayne

  1. Pamela Wall

    Prescription Specialist

  1. Cyndy Wallhausser

    Social Worker

  1. Vicki Wells

    Foster Grandparent Program Coordinator

  1. Anne "Re" Wies

    Activities Program Coordinator

  1. Larisa Woodcock

    Nutrition Program Coordinator

  1. Andrew Zeldin

    LEP Social Work Supervisor