Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Hunter-Havens, Rae Elections Director 910-798-7287  
Brown, Denise Elections Compliance Specialist, Campaign Finance 910-742-7607  
Dahlgren, Jenna Elections Logistics Coordinator, In-Person Voting Site Logistics and Supply Management 910-798-7339  
Dawkins, Caroline Elections Deputy Director, Training and Voter Education 910-798-7203  
Geiszler-Ludlum, Joan Elections Administrative Technician, Campaign Finance and Elections Support 910-798-7580  
Herring, Gina Elections Specialist, Voter Registration 910-798-7292  
O'Neill, Jessica Coordinator, Outreach and Recruitment 910-798-7289  
Pugh, Beth Elections Specialist, Absentee By Mail Voting and Voter Registration 910-798-7048  
Powers, Noelle Database & Systems Specialist 910-798-7288